Innovation doesn't happen in a vacuum or in an isolated island, but it happens within an intertwined and complex set of relations and connections. It nurtures through the collaboration of cross-functional and interdisciplinary teams. It demands the art of visualization, communications, connecting the dots within that complex web of relations, and bringing an alignment between the missing pieces of the puzzle. These missing pieces of the puzzle are often so scattered and diversified that it literally becomes a herculean task for an individual to approach and acquire all those resources on its own. Often this task becomes so daunting and challenging for most of the people that an overwhelming majority of these new ambitious ideas die out in the very early stages of their launch. Among other reasons, one of the major reason for these excessive entrepreneurial failures has been identified the trust-deficit and lack of social capital in a society, which directly correlates with a weaker innovation ecosystem. Therefore the presence of a strong and vibrant innovation ecosystem and entrepreneurial community is an essential requirement to promote the value-led innovative entrepreneurship in our institutions and societies. Currently several physical and virtual platforms and communities exist to support the local ecosystem; however the major problem with the current solutions is that most of these platforms address to only a couple of the important aspects of the full complexity at a time, and assume that by connecting with the mentorship support or providing with the financial help would essentially solve rest of the mystery.

The Innoplore platform on the other hand envisions to become a one-stop solution to all those major challenges which an innovative entrepreneur faces today to turn an abstract idea into a technically feasible and economically viable product/solution, and to successfully transform the tested product into a sustainable social or business enterprise. Innoplore provides a platform where ideas can be uploaded on a project template, and selected projects are enrolled into regular incubation cycles. The enrolled projects complete a carefully designed multi-stage virtual incubation and acceleration program. The project team members are enrolled by project creators and the project team is provided with a virtual work-space to share project documents and communicate with each other through an integrated chatroom. Furthermore, the project team members are able to filter out the required supporters from the surrounding community members and institutions based on their industries/sectors, locations (at the city, region, country or global scale), professions, qualifications, and as per a list of more than 60 identified support activities. Moreover, to give a complete experience of being part of a learning and support community, the added features of writing and reading insightful blog posts and news, creating and participating in innovation contests/idea competitions, internships, survey polls and events are also provided. Innoplore aims at transforming the traditional universities into innovation-led entrepreneurial universities; so that the universities do not just produce graduates and job seekers (“the cogs”) to fit in the existing economic wheel to support and follow the established routines and trajectories, but rather they start producing a whole new generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, critical scholars and future employers to shape the economy and society.