About Us

Join the community and help us create a better world!

Welcome to this one-stop unique solution to all challenges that the innovative entrepreneurs may potentially face in turning their abstract ideas into viable products and transforming those product prototypes into successful ventures and sustainable enterprises. We bring here together and connect all “missing pieces of the puzzle” to create the desired shape and value as per your project requirements. Hence, by doing so, we build the essentially required supporting platform and innovation ecosystem to help you achieve your ambitious goals, whether they are of commercial nature (business projects) to generate profit, or of social nature (community projects) to serve the society.

Innoplore Community is a UK registered (SC633505) not-for-profit organization, whose goals and objectives are:

The community aims at fostering the innovation and entrepreneurship support ecosystem within the local communities and organizations around the globe.
The community aims at transforming the traditional universities into future envisioned “entrepreneurial universities” which will produce the future employers and visionary leaders and not just graduates and job seekers. It aims at enhancing the mandate and scope of the university in shaping the future economy, architecting the policy and leading the society.
The community aims at developing a whole new generation of innovators and entrepreneurs, motivated to bring about a positive change in society, and to play a pivotal role in today’s innovation-led knowledge economy.
The community aims at combating with disorientation and hopelessness, particularly among the youth segments of our society, by promoting optimism, positivity and healthy trends through:
  1. engaging and empowering the youth;
  2. helping them identify and achieve their personal & societal goals;
  3. creating and sponsoring their business and community projects; and
  4. providing everyone an equal opportunity for their personal and professional development, as well as for their social and economic growth and stability.
The community aims at helping people achieve their personal & societal goals through:
  1. assisting them identify their lives’ mission & vision and thus setting appropriate goals;
  2. building the needed passion and commitment;
  3. developing the required talents and competences;
  4. polishing their personality & communication skills;
  5. finding the right connections and resources;
  6. fostering partnerships & cooperation between individuals and organizations;
  7. solving problems through crafting and implementing innovative solutions; and
  8. assessing impacts & sharing the learned lessons between global communities.
To achieve the above declared objectives, the community would make an effective use of its online “Innoplore platform” to facilitate physical and virtual interactions between individuals and organizations at the local, regional, national and global scale. The platform is a comprehensive one-stop unique solution to all major challenges that the entrepreneurs and innovators potentially face in their journey to turn their abstract ideas into useful products/solutions and those products into successful enterprises (social and business ventures). The platform facilitates a systematic search for the requested help to complete the created/uploaded projects through finding the right match between the help-seekers and supporters based on their location, competence and interest. It is simultaneously a locally operated physical community, as well as a globally connected virtual network of social and professional relations that encourages and facilitates the exchange of ideas, expertise, experiences and resources (both financial and non-financial) among the community members.
The Innoplore Community aims at creating a mass awareness and global campaign among the world communities to gain their extensive support in order to achieve the above goals and objectives because the world only respects and remembers those who produce results, create impacts, and change lives for the better; and their actions speak louder than their words. We seek help and support from the world communities to join our hands and help us create a better world for us and for the upcoming generations.